It’s Compatible with every kind of commercial flat roofing, it also makes car park decks waterproof as well as bridge decks, green roofs and so on. It is most reliable and long lasting weather resistant, even in the most harsh of the weathers like burning hot to icy cold temperatures.

As we mentioned it is long lasting cause of it two ply and amazing elasticity factor. Which makes it the best choice for commercial roofing! SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) combines with bitumen makes it extra durable and resistant even after years of installation, and we pick the most hassle free way to do that for you. The toughness of bitumen and elasticity of SBS makes it highly resistant to any sort of holes and cracking or heavy machinery damage as compared to other roofing options.
When it comes to maintenance which is very before a decade, it can be fixed with one ply of SBS Bitumen and your roof is back to waterproof and weather resistant!

flat bitumen roofing
BUR built-up roof


Such roofs are ideal for low to no slope roofs as it is very sealed and is not as much durable for steep slope roofs. They are waterproof and protect again UV with the help of quality top layer that we provide. It is composed of alternate layers of bitumen and fabric with top layer of gravel. It is a most common and affordable yet durable and safe way of roofing for flat or low slope roofs.
We provide the best quality BURs with very effective insulation layer. We can install it either ways whether you want the hot to cold built-up roofing. The life span of BUR is up to 50 years with our best quality EPDM sheets and expertise. It is ideal for warm climates and last longer.

It requires maintenance over time but that can be solved with some easy and simple fixes if given attention at the beginning. Thus these require very low cost maintenance and completely affordable.


We are readily respond to emergency and general call for roof patching services. We are equipped with any sort of natural or mechanical damage. Type of damages we deal with includes:

Repairing Flat Roof:

Mostly it’s the leaks that cause the damage to ceiling and before some major damage, you can take precautions and look for major tears, cracks, ripples / splits. Identify yourself and bring pictures to us or we could run inspections for you. We prep the roof before we start to fix the leak.
Other reasons why your Flat roof might get damaged by includes moisture , hot weather or heat exposure and sagging etc.

Repairing BUR:

The wet or damages spots of BUR can be repaired by asphalt or cold applied patch. For loss of gravel or simply preventing the gravel from getting damaged we apply elastromeric coating over the damaged area or complete surface. Consult with our experts to get the specified solution for your roof’s damage.

In any sort of roof damage, please don’t inspect the roof yourself, instead call our free 24/7 emergency team to come over and handle this professionally.

roof patching
roof patching
roof inspection
residential roof inspection


To start with, you can always get free inspections from our Regina roofing team or and take information from one of our representatives, we are one call away. We offer free consultancy with one of our experts!

So whether you have moved to a new place or have been living in that house for years, you must be aware of the condition of your roof. If it’s hold enough to survive the winters or rest of the year. A simple check from our professionals can save you a great deal of trouble and the headache of getting a new roof altogether.

Our licensed inspectors can check your roof if it has any leaks, spot the areas that need repairing, locate the vulnerabilities and determine the life span left of your roof, whether it needs replacing and how soon.

Our inspections are unbiased and we take pride in helping our clients with solutions that best fit their budget. We will need close visual inspections of ceilings, attic areas and top of the roof to make sure if there is any effected area.

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